Mosaic Consulting is proud to sponsor the CLOC 2018 Institute!

CLOC Institute Conference Corporate Legal Operations Consortium

Mosaic Consulting is proud to sponsor the CLOC 2018 Institute conference!

Launched in 2009, Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) is an industry group focused on the business of running in-house law departments. It’s membership consists of a wide variety of professionals working in corporate legal functions as well as educators and students interested in teaching and learning more about law department operations. The annual CLOC conferences offer attendees opportunities to share ideas and learn from industry experts about the latest topics, trends, insights, methods and technology related to legal operations. Mosaic is excited to attend and participate this year!

Mosaic Consulting provides legal operations consulting and services to in-house law departments of all sizes. Our experts help law departments become more efficient, lower spending and become strategic partners to their companies other business units. We achieve significant positive outcomes through developing process, leveraging technology, analyzing data and providing managed services.

To schedule a meeting in advance, or to talk before the CLOC Institute contact us at 661-713-0183, contact us via e-mail, or drop us a line in the form below.

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