Maximize the Potential of your Legal E-Billing System

Mosaic Consulting optimizes your legal e-billing system and provides outsourced e-billing administrative services.

Reduce Costs and Ensure Proper Payment

At Mosaic, we believe that not paying close attention to your billing and invoicing systems and processes is a significant lost opportunity in reducing costs. From selecting an e-billing tool to reviewing invoices, Mosaic will help you drive efficiency and realize cost savings through technology and process.

Legal E-Billing Consulting

Reduce Costs

E-Billing is a critical, yet frequently overlooked area in the quest to reduce legal costs.

Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines

Electronic Billing Program Foundation

Your Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines are the foundation of your e-billing program. More often than not, Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines do not include proper language to clearly define billing requirements and expectations.

This leaves you in a position of financial responsibility for time and expense charges that are not incurred by companies with properly outlined billing requirements. Mosaic will help you make sure your Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines are clear, current and in line with industry leading standards to provide a solid foundation.

and Updates

If you update or change your Guidelines, Mosaic will make the transition happen quickly and smoothly. We will assist you with communicating and explaining the changes to your in-house staff, outside counsel and vendors.

To ensure that your staff is ready to start benefiting from the changes, Mosaic’s experts will prepare and deliver customized training.

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Enforcing Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines

Enforcing Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines is a vital next step in having a successful e-billing process. This requires invoice review. E-billing systems provide automated functions that can streamline the invoice review process. Mosaic will fully utilize your system’s functionality and ensure you get the most out of your technology investment.

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Outsourced Invoice Review Specialists

Mosaic is equipped with a team of invoice review specialists well versed in the functionality of top e-billing systems. Their role is to identify guidelines violations, process violations and errors before invoices reach the attorneys managing projects so that they can spend more time on substantive matters. Let's talk about how we can save five to ten percent in your total spending.

Electronic Billing System Optimization

Use your e-billing tool for more than simply sending invoices back and forth. E-billing tools provide many automated functions that can streamline the process. Mosaic will assess and optimize the technology to make sure it is configured to your needs and that you are using all of the capabilities it has to offer.

LEDES Format & Coding

Mosaic is a strong proponent of billing that utilizes LEDES format and coding. We can assist you in making the transition with advice on process and policy; communicating the transition to in-house staff, outside counsel and vendors; ensuring uniform use of the codes; and training your staff.