Custom Training

Leveraging our years of experience in classroom instruction and floor support, Mosaic Consulting develops and delivers custom training sessions. We provide the necessary formula to train your staff to use your systems properly and efficiently - as quickly as possible.

Customized Training Sessions

Our training sessions are customized to your systems, workflows and needs and can be delivered in the format that best suits your requirements.

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Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training is a great tool for both new and existing staff. It allows your team to learn at their own pace and concentrate on the material that is most important to them.  Mosaic produces computer based instruction videos on any topic your legal department operations team needs.  The videos are tailored to your systems and workflows. And they are customized to address your unique configurations, processes and general requirements.

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On-Site Instruction

A training program is only as good as the trainer. Having worked in the legal industry, the Mosaic trainers who conduct live instruction offer real world context. Our live, onsite programs with an experienced expert from the Mosaic team, right in your office, can easily be arranged and customized to meet your specific needs. These sessions provide great opportunities for your teams to interact and benefit from the group environment. And live instruction can lead to meaningful and robust Q&A.

custom training, webinars, computer based training


Webinars are a great solution if you want the benefit of your team being able to ask questions, but the team members are unable to meet at a central location.  Mosaic webinars provide an experienced, live online instructor. The instructor takes them through training sessions custom designed for your specific systems, workflows and requirements. Mosaic instructors elaborate on any topics as necessary, and are able to answer any questions that your team might have.

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