Assessment and Optimization

Your matter management system is at the heart of your legal operations program. Mosaic offers packaged services to configure your systems and design your processes to maximize value to your practice and company.


You have invested significant time and money to implement a matter management system. But are you getting the best possible return on that investment?

Mosaic’s Systems Assessment (a packaged, flat-fee service) is designed to answer that question and provide the reasons behind the conclusion.

The Systems Assessment service consists of multiple steps. It begins with a Mosaic Consultant working with you to identify key stakeholders within Legal as well as in other functions such as IT and Finance.

systems assessment

We meet with the stakeholders to learn about your system’s configuration and how they use the matter management applications. We listen to their pain points, their goals and objectives. We analyze how your matter management systems integrate with your legal operations.  The end result is a customized plan for improving and optimizing the systems' configurations, workflows and processes.


Mosaic’s Systems Optimization service is a flat-fee, packaged service like our Systems Assessment service. The Systems Optimization picks up where the Systems Assessment left off—implementing and executing the Optimization Plan.

Mosaic begins a Systems Optimization with a discussion around how you want to implement the Plan. Do you have any priorities? Are there any parts of the Plan that you do not want to implement? Based on the discussion, Mosaic will develop a project plan with timelines, phases and steps, so you will know what to expect.

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A key part of a Mosaic Systems Optimization is documentation. As we implement the Plan, we will document all the steps and actions taken and assist in communicating changes as needed. In parallel, we will formulate a training plan and create training materials. Mosaic will train your team according to the plan so that they can seamlessly transition to any new workflows and system improvements.

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