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The professionals on Mosaic's IT team are experts in data conversion, migration and systems integration of legal and non-legal applications.

Data Conversion and Systems Integration Are Our Specialties

Data Conversion

If you need to convert matter information between legal applications, Mosaic Consulting will provide you with the necessary expertise. We will work directly with your staff to ensure that each field of data is properly defined and clearly mapped to the appropriate location in the receiving database.

Another consideration when converting data is the disposition of data that is not being used. Before converting data, we will help you identify data fields that are not being used in your legacy application. Unused data may or may not be needed or wanted in your new systems. And we will advise you in making those determinations. Only once we have identified the data you need and want in your new system, will we implement the data conversion. As a result, we eliminate unnecessary fields in the new application. And in doing so, we reduce system overhead since your team will no longer have to maintain the unused data.

Before converting and transferring your data, Mosaic will ensure migration to your new systems will be seamless.  Through extensive testing and end user validation, Mosaic will identify and correct data errors before the actual conversion takes place. Data conversions typically require various levels of participation from your staff. Mosaic will identify and coordinate these resources to effectively produce the promised results.

Systems Integration

Our Mission

It is our mission to aid our clients in setting the bar for legal operations standards. Through our services we ensure that our clients are operating at peak performance with the confidence that they are getting the most out of their legal systems as well as their department as a whole. Mosaic will provide a level of expertise, commitment and dedication that exceeds expectations and, most importantly, achieves results.

Integrating Matter Management Systems

Mosaic's IT team is all you need to seamlessly integrate your matter management system with other legal and non-legal applications. We manage the entire integration project. To start, we identify information your other applications need to receive and then map the data.

Once we have identified and mapped the required data, we design and program the interface. Then, working with the required vendors, we thoroughly test and implement the new interface.

Additionally, when migrating to a new matter management system, most clients need data converted and transferred to the new system. Mosaic handles all your data conversion and transfer needs.  Our IT professionals are experts in determining and implementing the most efficient, effective means of converting and transferring your data from one application or system to another.

Systems Integration
Data Conversion & Transfer
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