Corporate Legal Matter Management

The fundamental purpose of matter management is to manage costs and risk, and ensure performance and compliance. But it can be so much more. Mosaic aims to help you unleash the capabilities of whatever matter management systems you use.

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Our goal is to understand every aspect of your legal operations workflow and utilize our deep knowledge and experience to evaluate your processes and technology across the entire matter management lifecycle.  Our consultants develop your customized program, leveraging technology and designing effective processes to drive efficiency in your legal matter management activities.

System Design

Using a matter management system inherently increases efficiency and saves you money. But how you use your matter management system can increase efficiency and save money as well.  A system without well designed, thought out, integrated processes can deliver baseline improvements.  We can help you go above and beyond the baseline.

Application Evaluation

There are many matter management systems available. Mosaic helps you weed through the possibilities and choose the system that fits your team’s needs by assessing your requirements and making recommendations that fit your operations.  We quickly cut through the myriad of applications and solutions available to find the system that best meets all the requirements your team demands.

Project Management

The success of an implementation can depend upon who is managing it. Our consultants have over 75 years of combined experience, having completed dozens of successful implementations. We know what it takes to perform a seamless implementation as well as how to avoid the pitfalls. You are in good hands with Mosaic managing your project.

Custom Documentation

No company wants to become bound to a consulting firm for an indefinite period of time in order to continue benefiting from a new system. The key to achieving reasonable self-sufficiency is documentation.

Standard end-user reference manuals provided by software vendors are rarely adequate to meet this objective. This is because the documentation does not address the client’s specific configuration, processes and use of the application.

systems assessment

Mosaic Consulting addresses this need by designing materials that speak to the specific workflows and procedures addressed in the development phase of your project.

The result is documentation that you can use to train new staff and that will serve as a reference to answer specific questions existing users might have as they continue enhancing their knowledge of your matter management program, workflows and technology.

Integrating Your Matter Management System

Mosaic's IT team is all you will need to seamlessly integrate your matter management system with other legal and non-legal applications. Mosaic will identify the information your other applications need to receive; map the data; design and program the interface; and work with the required vendor to test and implement the new interface.

Mosaic will also handle all your data conversion and transfer needs.  Our IT professionals are experts in determining and implementing  the most efficient, effective means of converting and transferring your data from one application or system to another.

Systems Integration
Data Conversion & Transfer

Matter Management Experts

Legal Operations
Custom Training
Outsourced Support

Mosaic has the skills and depth of knowledge to make your matter management initiatives exceed expectations.

The professionals at Mosaic are experts in matter management. And we provide a full suite of enterprise legal management services that will complement your matter management initiatives and round-out your legal operations program.

Mosaic's expertise in designing and delivering training will help your team maximize the benefits of the systems and processes you put in place.  We will not only provide the technical training. Our training will cover your workflows and processes around the technology.

And once the systems are in place and your team is trained, we can provide support through our outsourced systems administrator and e-billing professionals.

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