Outsourced Legal Operations Services

When you need to supplement your team, Mosaic can provide legal operations staff as an outsourced or managed service to assist with systems administration, e-billing and invoicing tasks.

Systems Administration

Quite often, resources are stretched thin and increasing headcount is not an option. Yet, you need someone to handle the day to day system related tasks and questions. Mosaic can solve your systems administration and legal billing review support staff problems.

Mosaic provides Legal Operations Systems Administration as outsourced or managed services to support your team with dedicated resources. This service is flexible. Whether your situation calls for a few hours per week or a full-time systems administrator, we work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.

Regardless of the plan, a Mosaic staff member is assigned to you so you receive personalized service. Whether you need someone to run a report, reset a password in your matter management system, or alter a billing route in your e-billing system, your Mosaic Legal Systems Administrator will take care of it. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate into your team and build institutional knowledge to provide the best service available.

Outsourced Legal operations staff
outsourcing legal operations

Billing & Invoice Review

Mosaic’s experience indicates that the simple act of reviewing invoices can result in 5 to 15% savings in overall legal spend. But, we understand why the task is often overlooked.

The common trend in law practices is that legal staff have a heavy workload and are short on time. When deciding whether to review invoices or finish a regulatory filing that is due the next day, the decision is understood—finish the regulatory filing. Mosaic’s Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines Review outsourced service lightens the load for you.

Like our Legal Systems Administrator outsourced or managed service, we assign a dedicated Mosaic staff member to your team. Your Mosaic billing guidelines reviewer will integrate with your legal operations and become a virtual team member. All guidelines and procedural billing issues will be identified and resolved before invoices are sent to the Managing Attorney for final approval. You receive consistent, expert service from someone who knows and understands your e-billing process and billing guidelines.

Making sure everyone adheres to your matter management workflows and billing processes and guidelines is key to realizing your legal operations potential

Someone needs to administer your systems—answer e-billing and matter management process and system questions and address issues. And someone must monitor incoming invoices for compliance with your Outside Counsel Billing Guidelines and billing processes.

Mosaic assesses your needs and provides dedicated, outsourced legal operations staff to take-on these responsibilities. We provide the right amount of support your team requires for however long you need it.

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