The Pursuit of Happiness – creating collaborative relationships with outside counsel in the new world webinar

Everything about the way we do business has been upended in just the past few months. What were cohesive and organized work environments are now scattered to home offices, kitchen tables, and spare couches around the World. Along the way we discovered that we are a lot more capable of adapting to this reality than we initially realized. Video conferencing, initially curious and uncomfortable to most people, is becoming routine. Issues related to remote access to documents and information, while challenging for many organizations in the beginning of the pandemic, have for the most part by now been resolved. Courts are now operating virtually, and likely will for quite some time.

So, what does all this mean for corporate legal departments and the law firms that provide so many vital services for them? How can we build stronger relationships, create more stability, and cut costs where necessary, while continuing to achieve excellent outcomes?

In this webinar, we explore answers to these questions and more from both perspectives. We’ll present a panel of experts on the front lines of managing these relationships, both in-house and outside counsel. People who understand that it has never been more important to do more than provide legal services. Corporate legal and their outside counsel must forge relationships based on an understanding of shared priorities and objectives. From communications, to matter and case management, to billing arrangements, we’ll discuss ways to create clarity as to how the best outcomes can be achieved.

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