Legal Systems Administration

The upkeep of your matter management system is crucial to data accuracy and user adoption. As a top legal operations outsourcing company, Mosaic provides your organization with a dedicated professional who seamlessly integrates with your team – allowing you to focus on your role and responsibilities.

Pain Points

Your administrator is leaving, and the last thing you have time to do is train someone new. But what choice do you have? Is there anyone else who can handle such an important task? Now you are bogged down with administrative tasks that pull you away from your primary role.


Mosaic is a trusted partner you can turn to for outsourced legal systems administration. By eliminating these tasks from YOUR plate, you’re quickly back to work, meeting your goals as an attorney or legal ops director.


Mosaic is helpful on day one because we understand the role and responsibilities. We are ready to work out of the gate, bringing a wealth of experience and insight to help your legal department thrive.

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