Microsoft 365 (DMS & CLM)

Implementing a document management or matter management platform is not always an option and, in many cases, isn’t necessary. Some solutions allow you to manage your matters, collaborate, and store documents without leaving Outlook. As a trusted ally, Mosaic focuses on assessing your needs and creating a plan that meets your goals.

Pain Points

Matters are being managed on spreadsheets and in personal email boxes. Contracts are being executed without proper review. Documents are being lost. Processes are fragmented and inconsistent. Where are the documents? Is there a security risk? Was a crucial deadline missed?


Manage the workload within Outlook. Products that tap into the power of Microsoft 365 allow you to create uniform processes around data collection and storage, collaborate with others on your team, and securely store information in SharePoint, all without leaving Outlook.


Outlook-based products are a tremendous resource for modern legal departments and law firms. Documents and matter data can be securely reviewed by those granted access while being stored within your company’s Microsoft 365 account, not with a third-party Matter Management or Document Management vendor.

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