Staff Training & Support

When you partner with Mosaic, we learn your business and system configurations and train your in-house team on how to utilize the legal and business processes in place. With this knowledge and understanding, your team can approach their specific tasks with confidence.


Staff comes and goes. If no one is there to walk them through the dashboard or modules, the data and reporting suffer. Your team is frustrated by a solution they haven’t been trained on and don’t understand.


When a new system is implemented, training is essential. Ongoing support is crucial, but so is onboarding new employees. Mosaic walks users through each process, ensuring data accuracy and demonstrating how they can better use the solution you’re paying for.


Clients are often comfortable asking Mosaic questions they don’t want to ask a coworker or another attorney. We’re here to answer them quickly and thoroughly. As your trusted partner, we are here to help equip you and your team equipped for success with the latest information and resources.

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